Guidelines for Garbage and Trash pick up in Lafourche Parish

September 21, 2016 Lockport News Comments Off on Guidelines for Garbage and Trash pick up in Lafourche Parish

Lafourche Parish Government wishes to remind residents along with any contractors performing work or services in Lafourche Parish of the following guidelines relative to garbage and trash collection in Lafourche Parish.

All contractors, NO EXCEPTIONS, such as roofing, tree service, new home or business construction, home repair and remodeling, landscapers, carpet installers, air conditioning and heating contractors, demolition or removal contractors, etc.. . . performing work or services must remove all debris and/or material resulting from their work. Any debris resulting from these services should not be placed at the curbside and is not the responsibility of the Parish or the Parish’s solid waste contractor and will become the responsibility of the contractor and/or property owner. Any resident involved in such contracted services must make their own arrangements for the proper collection and disposal of all debris resulting from these types of services. ln many cases tree contractors, building contractors, demolition contractors and others can offer debris removal services. If not, the resident should contract with a licensed solid waste contractor to arrange for the debris to be removed from the property.

Residents are reminded that anyone engaging in do-it-yourself home repair and remodeling, heavy tree and brush removal, construction and/or demolition activities and any other activities which generate excessive volumes of debris and waste materials should contract with a licensed solid waste contractor to aiTange for the waste materials and debris to be properly removed from the property. Please do not assume that the Pai·ish and its contractors will collect waste materials and debris from demolition of buildings, mobile homes, land clearing and/or heavy tree cutting activities.

The Parish and its solid waste contractor are not responsible to provide garbage and debris removal services to any properties that do not have an occupied residential dwelling located on it where water and domestic light and power services are being supplied to the dwelling. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to make arrangements for the proper disposal of any debris resulting from activities on vacant properties or land clearing activities.

There are certain other requirements that residents of the Parish should follow in order to make the garbage and trash collection process more efficient and less expensive. All items placed at the curbside for collection must be prepared as follows:

• All items shall be properly bagged or contained. Bagged items should not exceed thirty-five (35) pounds in weight. Containers should not exceed thirty-five (35) gallons capacity and sixty (60) pounds in weight.
• Trash and tree debris shall be tied securely in bundles not exceeding six (6) feet in length, two (2) feet in diameter, and seventy-five (75) pounds in weight.
• Items such as grass clippings and leaves shall be placed in garbage cans, bags, or other suitable containers so as to provide ease of collection.
• Tree stumps and large tree limbs shall be cut into sections which do not exceed seventy-five (75) pounds in weight.
• Trash such as reasonable amounts of tree debris, furniture, mattresses, and other bulky items will usually be collected on the second collection day of the week.
•White goods (appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, etc …. ) must be collected separately from other items and must not be co-mingled with other trash or garbage.
• All other types of trash shall be containerized according to the above mentioned size and weight requirements.
• Accumulations of trash at curbside should be limited to approximately two (2) cubic yards of volume per week. If you have more, the requirement is to place it at curbside in reasonable amounts each week.

o Hazardous wastes such as paint thinners, turpentine, anti-freeze, solvent, oil-based paint. Call the DEQ Hazardous Waste Hotline (800) 305-6621 for information on hazardous wastes disposal or stay tuned to local media for announcements related to local sponsorship of Hazardous Waste collection days (usually during spring or fall and associated with activities such as Earth Day or other cleanup activities).
o Batteries and motor oil – many local automotive stores and gas stations offer recycling programs for batteries and motor oil. Check around or call the Solid Waste Office (800 794-3160) to determine if there is a location near you.
o Gas tanks, butane tanks, drums, or any other container or cylinder that are not smashed, crushed, or flattened.
o Non-hazardous liquid wastes including: liquids sealed in containers, paints, thinners, chemicals, oils or grease, etc. Any free flowing liquids of this nature should be dried or absorb so that they are not free-flowing at the time of collection.
o Waste tires – The Parish has a waste tit·e program thru which it can accept waste tires limited to five
(5) per resident per day. Any resident having waste tires can contact the Solid Waste Office (800 794-3160) for more information.

If you have any questions, complaints, or requests please contact us at (985).537.7603 or (800).794.3160 or our contractor at ( 985).851.0278.


James B. Cantrelle

Lafourche Parish President

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